Paros Environmental and Cultural Park

At the north-west end of Naousa, following the road after Kolimbithres, you will find the Monastery of Ai-Giannis Detis, standing brightly on the hill to the right that gave its name to the adjacent beach. The beach is the core of renaissance of the entire Ai-Giannis Detis peninsula, where the Municipality of Paros created the Paros Environmental and Cultural Park.It is a natural refuge and a beach with shallow and calm waters, protected even from the strongest winds, tenderly wrapped by the surrounding hills, while an array of salt cedars cast their shadow on visitors. The sea is cool and clear and the beach is organised and suitable for families, since its waters are shallow, ideal for children’s play.Those searching for more peace will find plenty in the small cove of Ai-Giannis, at the park entrance, right under the monastery.Those wishing to combine swimming with walking should visit Tourkou Ammos, accessible only on foot, an ideal spot for anyone wishing to get rid of the hustle and bustle of the nearby beaches. Other places that are worth visiting in the Park are the historical Lighthouse of Korakas at the peninsula end, the boat-yard at the Park entrance and the amphitheatre hosting numerous events and plays in the summer months, within the context of the Park Festival, hosting noted local and international artists.Various theatrical and other cultural events and exhibitions take place.Moreover, the Triathlon of Paros and other sports events are carried out here every year.In addition, there is a network of mapped trails, 7 kilometres’ long, travelling around the peninsula. Access:By boat from Naousa or by road, using your private means of transport.