Paros of the young

Paros…of the young. This is the island they dream of!
There is not a single teenager who wishes to …abandon the island of Paros. The energetic, younger members of the company will enjoy Paros to the full.

They can start the day on one of the island’s magnificent beaches either an organized one with a bar and music or a secluded one. Maybe their first big love will be painted in the colors of Paros…

Boredom? This is a word unknown to Paros holidaymakers. Here you can do whichever activity or extreme sport you can think of from … classic windsurfing to the new worldwide madness, Kite-surfing. On the beaches of Santa Maria, Nea Hrisi Akti, Hrisi Akti, Aliki or Pounda a teenager can try scuba diving, jet skiing or play Beach volley and football on the sand.
There is plenty of time to go shopping, wander endlessly on the narrow village streets, discover unique clothes and accessories and get familiar with all the new fashion trends. Buy souvenir gifts for your favorite friends at one of the many shops you will come across throughout the island. Besides, Paros is famous for its beautifully organized shops offering modern merchandise. Outdoor football fields, basket and tennis courts as well as… motocross are successful fun recipes while in the evening good mood is guaranteed. In Paros there
are countless cafés, bars, restaurants, clubs and music stages, thus catering for all tastes.

There are many places on the island as well as a lot of cafés and accommodations where young people can have free internet access thus making posting them to friends(!) together with wonderful pictures of their holidays in Paros really easy.