10 Km route, 3 hours

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Lefkes - Lagkada - Aspro Horio - Drios.

This route connects Lefkes with Aspro Horio (initially being Lefkes rural settlement) dominated by  Zoodohos Peghe church, and Drios  with its water springs and a significant irrigation system providing water for the entire Drios plain as well as the ships hugging the nearby coast. In addition, there is a safe anchorage, constantly in operation throughout the island’s history, with "neosikoi" (ancient shipyards) built in the area.

The trail is almost full length stone paved (indicative of the Parian construction style).
Along the route, there are many houses (traditional cottages), springs and wells. Nature abounds with junipers, gorses, weaver’s brooms and, depending on the season, thyme, sage, oregano, rue, transforming the route into a celebration of the senses.


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