A day spent at Paros Museums

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In Parikia:

  • Paros Archaelogical Museum exhibits an abundance of findings unearthed during the excavations in Saliagos, including the «Fat Lady» (5000 BC), the first sculpted human figure. The exhibits also include the Cycladic Idols, Mycenaean Palace remnants as well findings excavated in Despotiko.The statue of Gorgo, with the frown expression and the snakes around the waist, the statue of Nike of Paros, Ariida’s beautiful figure and the Parian Chronicle impress the visitors.
  • The Ecclesiastical Museum in Ekatontapiliani, displays rich exhibits, icons and ecclesiastical objects.

In Naousa:

  • The Historical Folklore Museum - «Othon Kaparis» collection includes findings from the Mycenaean Citadel in Koukounaries, ancient coins, pictures and rare books.
  • The Byzantine collection of icons at the entrance of Naousa, in Aghios Athanasios Monastery
  • The Music and dance Group Folk Collection, traditional Parian house


In Marpissa:

  • The new Scupture Museum «Ν. Perandinos» in Marpissa, named after N. Perantinos, a Parian sculptor and engraver, with 192 of his artworks on display.
  • The Marpissa Folklore Museum
  • The Byzantine art gallery.

In Lefkes:

  • The «Iria» Cultural society Folklore Museum
  • Mr. Pita’s Private Folklore Collection
  • On the way from Paroikia to Aliki:
  • «Anthemio»:  A private museum, with many rare exhibits on display


In Aliki:

  • Scorpios: A private Cycladic Folklore museum of the artist Benetos Skiadas, with constructions and miniatures on display.

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